Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Registration Fee for PALCON?

A.  There are two registration options:

  1. FULL ACCESS. Attend the entire 3-day conference for only $179 per person, whether you elect to stay on-campus or off-campus. Includes 8 meals. Good news! There is no additional charge for on-campus housing!  
  2. ONE-DAY ACCESS. Attend Day 2 or Day 3 of the conference for only $99 per person per day. Includes 3 meals each access day. Overnight on-campus lodging is not available to One-Day Access registrants.


Q.  Can I bring my non-clergy spouse?

A.  You are certainly welcome to bring your spouse, though first priority for on-campus housing is given to couples who are both members of the clergy. However, some campuses have a capacity to house other couples as well. Some PALCONs are designed for spouses or for spouses and children (and this fact is generally clearly advertised by the host university/college). In any case, the conference registration rates are the same for non-clergy spouses as they are  for clergy.


Q. Are there any discounts available?

A. A small discount of $30 is available only through Multi-Cultural Ministries for Ethnic Clergy (Ethnic laity and non-clergy spouses will not receive the discount).Contact your national ethnic leader for additional information and the discount code.


Q.  Can laity attend?

A. PALCON is an event designed specifically for clergy, so generally laity do not attend. However, one notable exception to the rule are spouses of clergy who are not themselves members of the clergy. They certainly are invited and would pay the same per person rate as their clergy spouse. On occasion the host university or college will specifically invite any interested laity to attend, but this is rare due to the nature of the event.


Q. Is it possible for me to attend a PALCON on a different region?

A. Yes. While you are encouraged you to be sure to participate in the PALCON on your region, you are also encouraged to participate in other PALCONs.  


Q.  If more than one minister is attending from a church can the office administrator register all of us with one electronic payment?

A. Sorry! Group registration is not available. Each person will need to register individually so that personal data and emergency contact information can be collected. Each person will need to have his/her own email address to register.


Q.  Can I sign up for one day?

A. It is our hope that most clergy will attend the entire conference, but a one-day rate is offered to include all meals and conference materials. No housing is included at the $99 one-day rate.


Q. I will not utilize campus housing. Will there be an adjustment in the registration fee?

A. The registration fee cannot be adjusted. Those who register for PALCON are free to select off-campus housing at their own expense.


Q. Is this a “Nazarene only” event?

A. Feel free to invite clergy colleagues from other denominations to join you even though, as stated above, PALCONs are designed specifically with Nazarene clergy involved.


Q. When is the registration deadline?

A. In order to provide the highest quality of services of meals and amenities registration deadlines are two weeks prior to each PALCON. 


Q. Who were the leaders who shaped PALCON?

A. The USA/Canada PALCON Steering Committee includes one pastor, one district superintendent and one university representative from each educational region. Also included were representatives from the USA/Canada Regional Office, Nazarene Bible College, Nazarene Theological Seminary and the Global Clergy Development office. The USA/Canada PALCON Steering Committee provides overall theme and protocols for the nine PALCONS.  Each education region also has a steering committee that includes their three representatives from the USA/Canada Steering Committee, and this group works with their school and our Global Clergy Development office to coordinate the PALCON.  This partnership is intended to assure a common missional and strategic thread across the nine USA/Canada PALCONs, while also providing for unique expression on each campus.  


Q. Can I pay by check?

A. No. Payments must be made by credit card on the secure online registration site. If this poses an insurmountable problem for you, please contact the PALCON office at 800-306-7651.


Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A.  Full Refund: Clergy may receive a 100% refund of their registration fee by cancelling no later than one week (7 days) prior to the event start date. If cancellation is necessary, this can be done online by selecting the “Cancel Registration” option located in the banner of “My Registration”.

Partial Refund: Since all meals and lodging expenses must be paid by the PALCON office to each university/college, PALCON must guarantee the “number of persons” based upon registrations 7 days prior to the conference. If cancellation is necessary during this window of time (1-6 days prior to start date), a partial “25% Refund” is available.

No Refund: Due to contractual agreements there can be no refunds after the conference begins.
Questions? Please email or call the PALCON office at and 800.306.7651



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