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Pastors and Leaders Conference (PALCON) is designed to inspire and equip Nazarene clergy. Since its inception in 1977, PALCON has been an important initiative in clergy development for the Church of the Nazarene.

PALCON 2020 is presented through the cooperative effort of the districts and Nazarene liberal arts universities comprising six of the nine fields (collections of associated districts) across the United States and Canada along with the Church of the Nazarene’s USA/Canada Regional Office and Global Education and Clergy Development department. The remaining three fields held PALCONs in 2018.

To assure event identity and focus across all six PALCON 2020 venues, each gathering is shaped by a common theme and coordinated by Global Education and Clergy Development. Plenary speakers, workshop and seminar presenters, and schedules vary from venue to venue, giving the theme a unique expression over the 3-day span of each conference. 

Questions? Contact the PALCON office at palcon@nazarene.org. To reach us by phone, 8:30am-4:00pm Central Time, call 1-800-306-7651.

What is PALCON?

Pastors and Leaders Conference (PALCON) is a gathering designed for all Nazarene clergy – pastors, chaplains, evangelists, staff ministers, and missionaries.

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